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Emerging Leaders Programme

Programme Details

Next Commencement: Thursday 22nd October 2020
Duration: October 2020 - January 2021
Cost: £4,200 + optional ILM Level 5 accreditation (£450) (VAT is non-applicable)


Our programme for Emerging Leaders at our world-class venue Riddel Hall, develops talented individuals for wider, more strategic senior positions. It also works with sponsoring organisations, to maximise development opportunities and deliver results in the workplace.

The programme is delivered over four months, but requires just under 8 days off-site, responding to the key challenges facing emerging leaders.

Who is this programme for?

male and female business person icons‌High potential middle managers new to a wider leadership role

business person icon looking at a chartFunctional/technical specialists with potential to move into more strategic roles

female business person icon holding a globe‌Successors looking to quickly accelerate their development in the leadership space

Why do this programme?

Participants often come to this programme in order to accelerate their progression within their organisation and current role. This is a challenging experience that will take you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to think differently. Many graduates of this programme have cited their experience here at Riddel Hall as the spring-board for future success.


What have past participants said about this programme?

"Great course which I enjoyed much more than I expected"

"Engaging, insightful and wholly worthwhile."

"Brilliant program!"

"Everything I have learned is setting me up to lead well so I’m loving this all. Thank you!"

"Love this course! I've found leadership potential in myself that I didn't know existed! Thank you!"


What makes this programme so special?

  • Emerging Leaders is designed and delivered by renowned Leadership Specialist, Shaun Pendry.  Shaun specialises in honing the talents of rising executives, helping them to achieve their career goals.
  • You will build an unparalleled peer network of like-minded leaders who will accompany you as you continue on your leadership journey.
  • You will benefit from the practical application of the latest in leadership research and insight of Queen’s University.
  • With the insight of a 360 Leadership assessment you will work with your coach to develop your own specialised personal development plan.
  • With the execution of a strategic project you will have an opportunity to visible demonstrate your leadership skills at a strategic level within the workplace.
  • As the employer, not only do you benefit from the enhanced skills of the individual but you realise organisational benefit through the successful delivery of a strategic project


Course Timetable 

October 2020 - January 2021


Thursday 22nd October 2020

9.30am - 2pm          

Module 1

Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th November 2020

9.30am - 5pm

Module 2

Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th December 2020 

9.30am - 5pm

Module 3

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th January 2021

9.30am - 5pm

Final Event

Wednesday 27th January 2021 

9.30am - 2.30pm


The programme at a glance

What is covered in the programme

  • 360° Assessments
  • Leadership Activity Events
  • Three Core 2 Day Modules
  • Executive Coaching
  • Peer Support & Networking


Module 1 – Know Yourself

Participants tell us this element of the programme has lasting value. In today’s hectic pace, we don't often pause and reflect on who we are, our strengths, our values, and our personal brand of leadership. Yet, this is so fundamental and the foundation of developing strong leaders.

Module 2 – Engage with Strategy

This module provides the tools and thinking behind strategy development. This module encourages participants to think broadly, beyond their function / department / role and consider the connections between functions.

Module 3 – Show Leadership

This module helps participants to further develop their personal leadership abilities, lead people through change, understand the impact of culture on the organisation's performance, and how to deliver the results they desire for themselves and their teams.

Final Event

This is an opportunity to make a formal presentation on the learning from the programme which has enhanced your leadership growth and development. It is also designed to let you hear from others about the challenges they faced along the way, and how they overcame these to achieve the outcomes they set out to achieve. The final event also includes a Graduation, with the presentation of Emerging Leaders certificates.

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