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Coronavirus (C-19) - update:

The William J Clinton Leadership Institute is still open for business. We have temporarily paused face-to-face delivery of executive education programmes in line with Government directives and to protect the well-being of our clients. We are now offering our programme portfolio on an on-line basis, so that wherever you may be, we will provide a premium quality learning experience.

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Open Programmes

Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Commencing: 25th & 26th November 2020
Duration: 2 Days
Cost: £795 (VAT is non-applicable)


Finance for Non-Financial Managers: Understanding the numbers

The expectations of a leaders are ever increasing, and the ability to manage, interpret and understand financial information is becoming an essential part of being a successful frontrunner in any profession.

This two day workshop is delivered by the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute, and is designed to give a clear and concise insight into financial information, regardless of previous experience.

Who is this programme for?

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or just thinking ahead to your future career or next move, this programme is designed for current and future leaders who wish to broaden their financial knowledge.

What are past participants saying about this programme?

"Expertly delivered by Danielle, taking the time to break things down to basics at a relaxed pace to ensure all attendees had a clear understanding of the content. Well-structured and very relevant. I would encourage others to sit this course"

"Very personable and broken down into manageable chunks."

"Good content, good practicals and a good pace of presentation"


  • Put financial information in business context
  • Understand the importance of budgeting and cash flow to a business
  • Understand financial statements and key accounting terminology
  • Interpret key figures within financial statements
  • Explore capital investment decisions
  • Understand key questions you should ask as a non-accountant

Why do this programme?

This programme will allow you to develop financial understanding from relevant terminology, to interpreting the numbers, to insolvency, plus much more. With a ‘hands on’, practical approach, this programme will enable you to comprehend and interpret financial information with confidence.

Course Timetable 2020

  • April 2020 Cohort




    Tuesday 21st April 2020 9.00am - 5.00pm 
    Wednesday 22nd April 2020  9.00am - 5.00pm 



  • November 2020 Cohort




    Wednesday 25th November 2020 9.00am - 5.00pm 
    Thursday 25th November 2020 9.00am - 5.00pm 


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