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Grit and Grace

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Next Commencement: 21st March 2019
Duration: 3 Days
Cost: £550 (Women in Business members) (VAT is non-applicable)
£650 (Non-members) (VAT is non-applicable)

Please note the programme commencing in October 2018 is now FULLY BOOKED

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What does it take for a woman to become a good leader? The answer, according to Meryl Streep, is a combination of “Grit and Grace”. She was referring to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton but the answer seems applicable regardless of what industry or sector you are working in.

This programme will help you feel more confident as a leader because it is built on the belief that everyone can learn to be a better leader, and there is no 'ideal' profile.


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This highly engaging and participative programme has been purposefully designed to upskill women with the knowledge and behaviours necessary to confidently and successfully transition into leadership roles in the workplace.

 The Grit & Grace programme explores the concept of leadership, through the lens of

“Grit” (described by the author Angela Duckworth as the ability to, “fall 7 times…pick yourself up 8”); and

“Grace” (described by psychologist Dr Miller Burke as, "the ability to mitigate discomfort and to project calmness and clarity even if you don’t feel it. It’s something I term ‘leading with grace”).

Over the duration of their Programme, participants will spend time unraveling “Who am I?”, as well as consider how their personal values, beliefs and behaviours impact their leadership identity and brand. As a result of their participation on the programme, each delegate will gain an insight into:

  • Understanding their own and others’ personality and behavioural preferences (through the MBTI Personality Test)
  • Developing self-confidence and personal resilience
  • Influencing and engaging others
  • Leading self and others through change

Designed and delivered by the William J Clinton Leadership Institute in conjunction with Women in Business, this highly participative and engaging programme is delivered over 3 days in the beautiful Riddel Hall.

What Participants have said about Grit & Grace:

This is a unique programme, different from any other leadership course I have been on. The programme helped me learn a lot about myself and the type of leader I want to be. It is a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere and well worth it.”

“I would recommend this programme to women of any age and position in life who is interested in self-awareness and development, both personally and professionally. The foundation laid affords more opportunity to build and grow.”

“This programme gently started participants on a journey of self-examination and realisation of ability and strengths and weaknesses. It underlined the very principles of leadership – taught us about respect, inspiring and cultivating respect through our actions. I do thoroughly recommend this programme as a celebration of who we are and who we can be!”

“I would highly recommend this programme as it takes you on a journey of self-discovery, reflection and most of all it is fun and enjoyable. A must for any aspiring female leader.”

Course Timetable 2018 - ***FULLY BOOKED***



Wednesday 3rd October  9.30am-5pm
Tuesday 23rd October 9.30am-1pm
Thursday 29th November  2pm-8.00pm


Course Timetable 2019



Thursday 21st March 9.30am-5pm
Thursday 11th April 9.30am-1pm
Tuesday 7th May                2pm-8.00pm

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