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NI Chamber of Commerce Specialist Programme for Sales Leaders

Programme Details

Running: 22nd and 23rd October 2019
Duration: 2 days
Cost: £250 + VAT (NI Chamber Member) £375 + VAT (Non-Member)

NI Chamber of Commerce Specialist Programme for Sales Leaders

Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry is delighted to partner with First Trust Bank on ‘Developing Your Growth Potential’; a programme of support focused on developing sales capability and networks, which sits under its ‘Learn Grow Excel’ business support initiative. As part of this, the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute is facilitating cutting-edge sales training for companies who wish to drive sales and enhance performance within the sales team, through effective strategy and sales techniques. The objective of the training is to provide a detailed insight into how the world  of professional sales has changed and how to adapt to it.

Setting the scene

This programme is targeted at a senior audience.  As part of the programme you will receive an update and refresher on the latest sales methods and techniques.  We will challenge participants to consider the sales function in their organisation and the importance of making it a central component of their corporate strategy.

Who is this programme for?

This specialist sales programme is aimed at Managers, Senior Executives and Directors.

Our Philosophy

During the Programme, we will consider 3 critical questions:

• The Why: Do you have a clear sales strategy that is central to your business? Is it driven by the overall company strategy?  Is it aligned to your marketing strategy?

• The How: Do you have a formal and agreed sales process, with the appropriate systems and tools in place? If not, which one would you choose?

• The Who: Do you consciously and strategically train, motivate and manage the sales team? What attributes and skills do they need? How well do they function as a team? What management metrics and KPI’s do you use?


This is a 2 day course delivered at the prestigious Riddel Hall by a renowned sales specialist.  This is an experiential and interactive learning experience designed to develop skills for maximum and immediate impact in your sales organisation.

This programme is ideal for companies or individuals looking to bring their professional knowledge and capabilities up to date.

How to get more information

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